Essential oils are highly concentrate liquids that are extracted from various plants. They contain aromatic compounds and are used therapeutically for aromatherapy applications such as inhalation, massage and bath. They can be taken from different parts of the plants including leaves, stem, seeds, flowers, bark, roots and fruit. They also require special handling and storage.

These tips will provide you with information on buying and storing your essential oils.

Buying Your Essential Oils

* Always buy from a reputable source. Some unscrupulous vendors will cut or dilute essential oils compromising their integrity and effectiveness. You should only use pure, natural essential oils for health and wellness purposes.

* Do not purchase essential oils that are stored in clear or plastic containers, or bottles with rubber stops or seals. Essential oils degrade materials like plastic and rubber and light will damage them.

* Do not confuse fragrance oils, perfume oils and synthetic oils with essential oils or sizegentics extender. There is not substitute, especially when you are using them for health and wellness purposes. Additionally, some synthetic oils can cause adverse reactions in some people.

* Watch for synthetic essential oils. Oils such as strawberry, cucumber, rain, carnation and lilac are always synthetic. If they are in the vendor’s stock it may be an indication that the rest of the inventory is synthetic as well.

* Make sure that your essential oils pass the purity test. Place a drop of essential oil on a piece of paper. Ideally, it will evaporate quickly, leaving no oily mark behind. If there is an oily mark left, it is an indication that the oil has been cut with vegetable oil.

* Give your essential oils the sniff test. Take a good whiff. Pure essential oils will give out a full, round scent that is rather strong. A little bit will go a long way. Diluted versions are not as strong.

Storing Your Essential Oils

* Store essential oils in a cool, dark, dry place, away from heat, light and moisture. They should be sold in dark glass containers and should be stored in them as well. Light, heat and moisture will degrade the oils altering their effectiveness. Bottles should be closed tightly when they are not in use and do not touch the inside of the lid or the reducer top when you use the oils. Your own oils from your skin can affect the essential oils and cause them to lose their effectiveness.

* Oils that are old should not be used for health and wellness purposes. Pay attention to the shelf life of essential oils. Some oils will break down and change over time which can be a few months for some oils and years for others. Some old oils, however, can still be used for fragrance purposes like in potpourri.

* Some oils such as Citrus varieties are prone to oxidization, so you should store them in a cool place, preferably refrigerated if you have the space. However, you must make sure the refrigerator settings are not set too low, temperatures around five or ten degrees celsius are fine.

* If you store your carrier oils in this way during the summer it is worthwhile taking them out of the fridge twelve hours before you need to use them, so it gives them a reasonable amount of time to adjust to room temperature. You may find some carrier oils have small fatty particles forming, but a simple shake of the bottle will help them dissolve again as the oils warms up.

* Having space in your fridge for your essential oils may be a luxury for many of us, so a good alternative is to invest in a storage box. It does not need to be anything fancy, just a dedicated box that helps keep all of your oils together and away from ambient temperature changes.

Eight Limbs of Yoga

Yoga refers to traditional physical and mental disciplines originating in India. It focuses upon developing a healthy mind and body, and on attaining self-awareness. The various practices and disciplines of yoga are available to everyone, no matter what their culture or other paths they may follow. Yoga practice also involves developing awareness on a universal and personal level through the yamas and niyamas, a series of ethics and disciplines intended to cultivate living in harmony with others and in oneness with our true selves.

Yoga has been practiced for thousands of years and consists of ancient theories, observations and principles regarding the connection of the mind with the body. The ancient Indian sage systemized yoga philosophy into eight paths or limbs: yama, niyama, asana, pranayama, pratyahara, dharana, dhyana, samadhi. These limbs each express a different aspect of yoga and combined make up the path or yoga practice that unites the physical, mental, emotional,sexual and spiritual levels of our being.

Yama – Yama are ethical disciplines that relate to how we can live in a shared world with peace and integrity.

Niyama – These disciplines relate to the individual and focus on living a healthy, fulfilled and masterful life.

Asana – The word asana means ‘to be’, in the sense of being in a posture. The asanas were developed for the maintenance of a healthy mind and body, with each posture affecting the body, mind and emotions in a unique way and working as a pathway to balance and well-being.

Pranayama – In the practice of pranayama, we develop breathing techniques that increase oxygen intake and strengthen lung capacity while also increasing the absorption of prana, or life force. In its simplest form, pranayama involves deep, full breathing.

Dharana – Following on from pratyahara, dharana is the ability to be completely internally absorbed and focused. This practice of single-pointed concentration stills the mind and leads to profound quietness within.

Dhyana – Following on from dharana is dhyana, or meditation – sitting where there is no focus, just stillness; no thoughts, only emptiness.

Samadhi – In this state of absolute personal freedom there is union of the individual soul with the universal soul. It is the practice of living at one with all that is.

With regular yoga practice of yoga, you will get strength, flexibility and good health, the benefits of which flow into all aspects of life. Increased energy levels bring a new perspective on life, no need for the best penis pump, the increased feelings of self-love and inspiration lead us to discover talents and interests we never knew existed and problems that once seemed overwhelming become more manageable.

What is Meditation

Everybody is speaking about meditation these days but what is meditation really, what are the benefits of meditation and why you should to meditation ? Very few people actually go into the depth of what meditation is. A really good definition of meditation is very important in order for you to really benefit and have good meaningful meditation and avoid using herb pill like this one.. There are many many courses about meditation and the different kinds of meditation, but lets go into detail about what meditation really is.

A very good definition of meditation to start with is this : Meditation is a state of concentrated focus of your mind.

Meditation consists of turning your attention inwards and taking a break from the outward distractions, to do meditation means to have a single point of reference, a single point of focus and the very simple definition of meditation is that instead of having the outward focus is to have the focus within focus in your mind.

Meditation is very popular in eastern religions, but it is getting very popular in the west and all over the world. Why is that ? It is pretty obvious that people are doing meditation because of only one reason and that reason is that they benefit from it, that they are getting an experience.

Meditation has been done for over 5,000 years and there are many many kinds of meditation, but you need to make a start and that is the only way that you can start to get an experience in meditation and that you can benefit from meditation. So, it is important to really go into the basics, understand what meditation is and then find yourself a very good course.

This is the great definition of what meditation is : Meditation describes a state of concentrated attention on some object of thought or awareness.

There you have it very simple, very clear. Without concentration there cannot be meditation, because the essence of meditation is the concentration of your mind be it on a mantra, be it on an objects or any other form of meditation that you prefer. So, like any other form of practice in life, where you want to get benefit, the same goes for meditation. If you spend a time and the effort on the discipline of concentrating on the meditation that you prefer, you will have benefits and the benefits will be great, because what is the ultimate benefit of meditation ? It is happiness and better sex without having to use some like this. ! We all want to be happy and many many people are discovering that meditation is the great way to get inner happiness.

Ok, now we have a definition of what meditation is, the next step is to do something. You can only achieve something when you do something so make a start. Find yourself a great course, a great program and start. The worst thing that can happen is that you take some benefit and increase your happiness. There are some great courses out there, so look around do your homework and start meditating. Good luck !

Flower of Life – Merkabah Meditation – Instructions

Dear friends, if someone is interested to understand the FOL/Merkaba Meditation, I have uploaded 7 parts of a video with the basic instructions on youtube how to reshape the individual auric field into geometry of 19 spheres with star tetrahedron in the center. 14 Breaths with the tetrahedrons creations and further pranic movement through the energetic tube and creation of the chi plasma ball are explained in order to create the first white energetic sphere.

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After the creation of the first, there are six more sphere projections to create the seven white light energetic spheres or the seed of life. Then strong movement of chi energy has to be applied in the central sphere with direction and speed given in the youtube videos. If done properly all seven spheres will move in the direction and speed given. After proper movement of energy thr the 7 spheres and high movement until they become one unity that rotates in sync, stop the rotation of all and create the next 6 spheres to get the 13 spheres. The rotation of the central one starts and then it starts to spin all the rest 12 spheres, direction and speed. After full sync of all put them to full stop and create the last 6 spheres or 19 in total.

Extreme high spin of the central begins and affects all the rest 18 spheres. The chi energy movement inside the auric field reaches max and then creates a back flow of energy that returns from the periphery to the center through the 30 petals that were created in the FOL energetic structure (see videos). Two white light energetic tetrahedrons starts to move again in the center sphere in different directions. The top one from left to right on the vertical axis the other one in the other direction. White light energetic emanations produce samadhi, changes the vibrational field and activates additional part of the dormant DNA.

The consciousness with purified emotions moves from the sync with the biological body and synchronizes with the light body. If all done properly high pitch sound appears in your ears, like buzzing sound, the mighty kundalini force starts and completes the field and the transfer of the consciousness. The field can produce the sync with the upcoming Nexus, so the consciousness is safe in any other part of the planet when the Nexus makes a physical contact. Of course this will not be easy to hear for many, but for those that are ready, they will know and learn it quickly.

There are two other beginning stage techniques relating the FOL, one will color gas and the other with energetic pulse. Will upload on youtube few more things regarding to it, and that’s about it from my side for all the people that were sending emails to me to publish something on the subject. God Bless us all,