Flower of Life – Merkabah Meditation – Instructions

Dear friends, if someone is interested to understand the FOL/Merkaba Meditation, I have uploaded 7 parts of a video with the basic instructions on youtube how to reshape the individual auric field into geometry of 19 spheres with star tetrahedron in the center. 14 Breaths with the tetrahedrons creations and further pranic movement through the energetic tube and creation of the chi plasma ball are explained in order to create the first white energetic sphere.

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After the creation of the first, there are six more sphere projections to create the seven white light energetic spheres or the seed of life. Then strong movement of chi energy has to be applied in the central sphere with direction and speed given in the youtube videos. If done properly all seven spheres will move in the direction and speed given. After proper movement of energy thr the 7 spheres and high movement until they become one unity that rotates in sync, stop the rotation of all and create the next 6 spheres to get the 13 spheres. The rotation of the central one starts and then it starts to spin all the rest 12 spheres, direction and speed. After full sync of all put them to full stop and create the last 6 spheres or 19 in total.

Extreme high spin of the central begins and affects all the rest 18 spheres. The chi energy movement inside the auric field reaches max and then creates a back flow of energy that returns from the periphery to the center through the 30 petals that were created in the FOL energetic structure (see videos). Two white light energetic tetrahedrons starts to move again in the center sphere in different directions. The top one from left to right on the vertical axis the other one in the other direction. White light energetic emanations produce samadhi, changes the vibrational field and activates additional part of the dormant DNA.

The consciousness with purified emotions moves from the sync with the biological body and synchronizes with the light body. If all done properly high pitch sound appears in your ears, like buzzing sound, the mighty kundalini force starts and completes the field and the transfer of the consciousness. The field can produce the sync with the upcoming Nexus, so the consciousness is safe in any other part of the planet when the Nexus makes a physical contact. Of course this will not be easy to hear for many, but for those that are ready, they will know and learn it quickly.

There are two other beginning stage techniques relating the FOL, one will color gas and the other with energetic pulse. Will upload on youtube few more things regarding to it, and that’s about it from my side for all the people that were sending emails to me to publish something on the subject. God Bless us all,

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